Site View Guard

Our Cellular security camera can monitor your property or assets wherever you are. Site View Guard offers the fast and advanced cellular surveillance camera that can easily and quickly be installed and placed anywhere in the world. Not only it is perfect for the construction sites and events but also suitable for law enforcement officers as well. Our mobile surveillance camera kits help you to view videos from anywhere to observe any skeptical activity.

Where it can be used/installed?

  • Municipal Events
  • Marathons / Races
  • Concerts & Shows
  • Deer Feeders
  • Oil and Gas Drilling Projects
  • Construction Sites
Fixed Surveillance Setup

The Site View Pro guard is a complete, advanced and robust mobile surveillance station integrated on a rapidly deployed platform in Texas. Our outdoor cellular surveillance system comes with cutting-edge top of the line cameras, analytics software, and remote cellular access through our cloud services.

Our Site View Guard can be set up in a matter of minutes without any technical expertise because its installation is super easy. Our solar cellular security camera is featured with advanced technology to deter and detect the crimes, a variety of anti-theft features ensure that the equipment is secure and serves well.

Up to 7 Days of Battery Power

The sealed lead acid batteries of our wireless surveillance system keep cameras powered up to a week’s time. If an extended and more effective action is required then the solar option will extend the run-time.

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