Mobile Surveillance Trailer

Mobile Surveillance Trailer

Site View Pro`s Mobile Surveillance Trailer provides an effective solution for the deployment of surveillance and video storage at locations with limited access to power. The mobile trailer includes 22 ft. telescoping mobile surveillance towers with attached cables and if there is no viable power source then it is operated on battery power with the automated solar-based charging system. Our Mobile Surveillance Trailer in Texas has 24/7 surveillance and monitoring abilities.

The Mobile Surveillance Trailer and Towers have a reliable power system with a heavy grade structural steel frame. Site View Pro`s Trailers are designed for paved or unpaved road usage, and its components are durable and dependable, to ensure reliable operations with long life spans. If there is no viable power source, its automatic low-voltage shutdown practice helps in protecting batteries and other sensitive electronics. Its battery bank is kept in a highly secured enclosure with hidden hinges and shackle padlocks.

We offer installation, rental, and sale services for mobile surveillance trailer, tower, and construction site security cameras monitoring for your security and surveillance in Houston, Fort Worth, Dallas, McKinney, Allen, Las Colinas, and in nearby towns of Texas.

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