Fixed Surveillance Setup

Our Fixed Surveillance Setup is the easiest low voltage solution to secure your property using only a pole or by attaching to your existing structure. Our Fixed Surveillance products eliminate the need for an electrician to convert the existing power to PoE(Power over Ethernet) or low voltage DC.

We provide a dependable and long lasting solution in a weather tight enclosure that can be easily installed wherever you have existing power. Our Fixed Surveillance Systems are the most cost-effective solution available in Texas. The ability for our system to connect directly to a high voltage power source makes installation quick and easy!

Fixed Surveillance Setup TX
Mobile Surveillance Trailer TX

Mobile Surveillance Trailer

Our Mobile Surveillance Trailer fastest way to add surveillance capabilities to any property or job site in Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas. The entire system can be deployed in less than 10 minutes, anywhere you can park a trailer.

The Mobile Surveillance Trailer is everything you might need to provide surveillance coverage anywhere in Texas regardless of internet availability. The self-contained, solar powered unit is the easiest way to secure your property or job site with minimal cost and effort required for roll out. The ability to move and place the trailer with ease makes this the ideal solution for both short and long-term applications. Keep an eye on materials, monitor incoming traffic, or keep a watchful eye on an ongoing project with ease.

Mobile Surveillance Skid

In addition to a trailer, we also offer a Mobile Surveillance Skid to satisfy needs for a longer-term temporary deployment. The Mobile Surveillance Skid offers all of the same advanced capabilities as the trailer such as solar power, battery backup, and wireless connectivity via 4g LTE with a slightly smaller footprint.

Adding a Mobile Surveillance Skid is a far more economical option when compared to the installation of traditional surveillance systems. We take pride in offering North Texas and the surrounding areas with industry leading solutions to secure your materials and job sites. Within minutes of arriving on site, our units can be deployed and provide you with 24/7 access to your locations surveillance system wherever you may be!

Mobile Surveillance Skid TX


What Clients Say About Us!

Our expert technicians and state of the art equipment provide the highest quality of video surveillance available in the state of Texas!

  • Willy

    Professional, reliable, and very knowledgeable. Cameron arrived on time and as scheduled. Definitely would recommend this company!

  • Myers

    I have 12 surveillance cameras with this company and the company is the best. They are very responsive to any issues that come up and knowledgeable about all makes and models of cameras. I highly recommend them for your surveillance needs.

  • Micah

    Great system and the equipment is awesome! I’ve even had neighbors get surveillance on their car theft my system. Pretty cool. Mr. Covington is a top notch guy too! …More

  • Blaine

    Very knowledgeable when installing my remote surveillance system at my ranch.

  • Ken Adams

    If you are looking for high quality mobile video solutions then look no further than Site View Pro LLC. We have been using trailer mounted mobile surveillance system to monitor oilfield gates, wildlife feeders, control night hunters, cattle monitoring, etc. If you need a visual and can’t be there all the time then you need to call Cameron at Site View Pro. App based platform with super easy video playback. Amazing high quality zoom that you have to see to believe. We have owned and operated the mobile and stationary mounted surveillance systems from Site View Pro for over 3 years with 0 issues on mobile equipment and minimal issue ( static issue from lightning)on stationary system to which was repaired remotely by Site View Pro to minimize cost. Top notch professionalism and service after the sale.


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