Mobile Surveillance Trailer

Mobile Surveillance Trailer

The Solar Trailer is the quickest, easiest way to get video surveillance up and running. In less than 10 minutes, the system can be fully deployed and protecting your vulnerable property.

A complete solar powered surveillance station contains one movable unit, providing an affordable source of power for your mobile surveillance needs. Whether you need to keep an eye on some equipment or material on a changing job site, monitor a remote location for trespassers, or oversee a developing situation, the Solar Skid is a no-fuss, reliable solution.

Construction Site Time-Lapse

Easily configure live HD video and time-lapse video to work side-by-side with cutting edge surveillance analytics. Deploy state-of-the-art surveillance technology to protect property.

Optional security package comes pre-configured with customers’ choice of camera type (Day, Night, Thermal), motion activated strobe lights and siren, 2-way audio talk-down, and cellular 4G/LTE video upload. (Security package, including cameras, sold separately.

Powerful Thermal Imaging

Cutting-Edge analytics is available with thermal imaging for specific applications. Thermal imaging requires no ambient or IR light and is very difficult to hide from. It is also used extensively to monitor equipment for a dangerous rise in temperature in the Oil & Gas industry. Thermal imaging cameras are available with pre-configured security packages

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  • Willy

    Professional, reliable, and very knowledgeable. Cameron arrived on time and as scheduled. Definitely would recommend this company!

  • Myers

    I have 12 surveillance cameras with this company and the company is the best. They are very responsive to any issues that come up and knowledgeable about all makes and models of cameras. I highly recommend them for your surveillance needs.

  • Micah

    Great system and the equipment is awesome! I’ve even had neighbors get surveillance on their car theft my system. Pretty cool. Mr. Covington is a top notch guy too! …More

  • Blaine

    Very knowledgeable when installing my remote surveillance system at my ranch.

  • Ken Adams

    If you are looking for high quality mobile video solutions then look no further than Site View Pro LLC. We have been using trailer mounted mobile surveillance system to monitor oilfield gates, wildlife feeders, control night hunters, cattle monitoring, etc. If you need a visual and can’t be there all the time then you need to call Cameron at Site View Pro. App based platform with super easy video playback. Amazing high quality zoom that you have to see to believe. We have owned and operated the mobile and stationary mounted surveillance systems from Site View Pro for over 3 years with 0 issues on mobile equipment and minimal issue ( static issue from lightning)on stationary system to which was repaired remotely by Site View Pro to minimize cost. Top notch professionalism and service after the sale.


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