Wildlife & Hunting Lease Surveillance Solutions

Wildlife monitoring and management is one of our passions and our specialty at Site View Pro. We have extensive experience installing surveillance systems in rural and remote areas. These mobile camera surveillance systems are powered by on board batteries charged by solar panels and offer advanced features such as plan/tilt/zoom capabilities, email notification for motion detection and more! Our system allows you to analyze and observe the patterns, behaviors, and movements of your animals from anywhere in the world. Allow friends, family, or potential hunting clients to view deer, hogs, coyotes, and or other game, in real time via our cloud service!

Wildlife Monitoring and Management
Wildlife Monitoring and Management

Our Mobile Surveillance Systems Are Built for YOU!


We sell and install the best wireless cameras on the market to monitor wildlife. Our wildlife trail cameras are the same cameras used by researchers to collect data and observe animal behavior. Security cameras equipped with night vision sensors can capture crystal clear images of wildlife in the darkness. In addition, our outdoor trail cameras help catch poachers, trespassers, or other intruders. Our wireless wildlife security cameras can connect to your phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to ensure that you always have an eye on your land. We are dedicated to providing an unbeatable customer experience with the most advanced security and surveillance products available on the market to North Texas and the surrounding areas.





Our mobile solar surveillance trailers are a complete surveillance solution equipped with cellular data connectivity and solar powered battery backups for areas without internet and utilities. Its extreme portability means it is perfect for use on oil & gas wells, construction sites, industrial facilities, and any other remote location you can think of.

Our CCTV cameras provide live monitoring, and include high definition infrared cameras capable of capturing crystal clear images at night, as well as a 360º PTZ camera. Our `Lightfinder` security cameras are specifically designed to outperform the competition in low light environments. Our units are capable of either wirelessly transmitting footage to the cloud to be viewed remotely or storing the data on a local drive to be viewed later.

Using our app, you can view your surveillance system feed from anywhere you have an internet connection!

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