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Reliable, robust, and proactive security is crucial for an electric power substation. The threat of theft, vandalism, and trespassers is a significant challenge for all substations. Scrap metals are easy to sell which is why substations are typically considered as a soft target for material thieves.

Copper theft is one of the most significant problems for utility providers. In the process of stealing the wire or pipe, criminals often do a great deal of damage to fences, gates and even equipment. The cost of repair to the burglarized site can easily exceed the cost of the stolen material. Historically, threats to electrical substations range from costly nuisances like vandals to severe catastrophes like terrorist threats.

Site View Pro offers custom designed, site-specific deployments that integrate multiple surveillance systems for electricity substations into a single turnkey solution. Security is never a “one size fits all” proposition, and each site requires different sets of security and surveillance,  depending on the threats offered by the surrounding environment. We also rent the thermal imaging cameras for their intended use in a cost-effective price in Plano, Uptown, Downtown, Lewisville, and other towns of the State of Texas.

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Securing the Perimeter

Site View Pro offers outdoor thermal surveillance cameras that are ideal for the security of electrical substations. These security cameras provide high-quality monitoring service, both in the daytime and at night without getting affected by shadows, backlights, and weather.

Video surveillance system installation in electric power substation is a critical component of electric utility comprehensive security. Our security system is paired with video analytics for monitoring your electrical substation, to ensure that on-camera threats are identified quickly. Thermal cameras are the cornerstones for adequate security of electrical substations.

Properly designed and deployed security cameras are valid for both preventative measures and catching criminals. So, after an intrusion, cameras need to meet several set criteria.

The cameras must provide a high quality, clear and accurate image of the intruders. Intruders on foot or in vehicles must be identifiable on cameras.
That image must be easily located and accessible to the security personnel.  The on-camera activity must be resultant of an immediate alert and of course action as well.

So, Site View Pro provides an effective security system for electric power substation that is operative all 24/7, regardless of the light or weather conditions. Our cameras won’t stop working at night or in heavy rain and will only ensure there are no intruders at the substation in daylight or severe darkness.

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