Recycling Yards

Advancement in Camera Technology allows scrap yard operators to deter theft during and after the working hours. Site View Pro offers the best possible security system for the monitoring of scrap yards. By using Site View Pro’s mobile surveillance, you can maintain scrap metal yard surveillance and will ensure the security of your assets.

According to an old saying “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” We have made a business helping others to find that treasure. It is essential to limit threats like fire and theft as well as to detect and deter intruders from areas of high value.

Surveillance of recycling yards is a comprehensive solution for liabilities and asset protection. It is a good investment and long-term strategy for the safety of your property and employees.

The interior of scrap yards, auto parts, and forgotten machinery is a beacon to thieves and stimulate the appetite of intruders, tempting them to your premises.

Managing this as well as protecting the employees from any harm is a critical issue. Site View Pro provides a customized solution for the scrap yards, with a video surveillance installation that fulfills the needs of your business so you can focus on what you can do the best.

scrap yard security
recyling Yards surveillance TX
recycling Yards surveillance TX

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