Oil and Gas

Oil and gas industries have a vital fundamental infrastructure in the United States. Such sites require 24/7 security surveillance to protect and observe the site and people working there. Protecting the interior of those sensitive sites is in the national interest as well.

At Site View Pro, we provide flexible monitoring and advanced video surveillance to oil & gas companies including pipelines, pump station, oil rigs and refineries across North Texas.

Either there is a short-term deployment or a long-term disposition at oil and gas site, we can quickly implement the systems for protection, monitoring, and establishment of communications at any specified location.

Site View Pro’s economical security surveillance system provides a channel to produce captivating videos and data confirmation to the location, including distant areas, to make sure that the site is protected, safe and productive.

If you want a durable and cost-effective security solution then call us for quickly installable and easy to use the security system, to protect and monitor your oil and gas industry. We make sure that Site View Pro’s video surveillance system fulfills your security needs in Texas with effective measures and easy to use gadgets. Our mobile video security surveillance system helps you to:

  • Monitor activity and progress at your location
  • Regulate the workforce for seamless functions
  • Ensure their compliance with set safety standards
  • Analyze and regulate your sites for downtimes and issues
  • Control critical equipment and devices performance
  • Prevent theft and damages at the site
  • Protect personnel and housing facilities
Oil and Gas surveillance
Oil and Gas surveillance
Oil and Gas surveillance

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