Car Dealership Security - Mobile Surveillance Cameras

As a Car Dealership you face a greater risk of theft, property damage and vandalism than most businesses. This threat combined with the changing landscape of a car dealership lot, makes our mobile surveillance units the ideal solution for securing your inventory. Our security cameras are equipped with the latest night vision sensors to give you a clear view of your property even at night. Remote viewing of our crystal clear live video feed enables you to trigger sirens and alarms in the event of an intrusion or effortlessly manage your inventory. At Site View Pro, we specialize in providing car dealership security/surveillance systems to protect auto dealerships from loss and liability so you can focus on taking care of your customers.

  • Keep Thieves Away From Your Vehicles at Night

  • Remotely Trigger Alarms and Alert Authorities

  • Easily and Remotely Track Vehicle Inventory

Cars Dealership
Cars Dealership

Our Mobile Surveillance Systems Are Built for YOU!


Our mobile surveillance system is constructed with robust and durable components including outdoor security camera, video analytics, and the wireless connectivity, and more. The most common outdoor cameras used are Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras, Box cameras, and Dome cameras. Our job site security camera is the best solution to monitor construction site equipment and the building materials. No light? No problem. Our mobile surveillance unit’s security cameras are equipped with infrared sensors enabling night recording.





Our mobile solar surveillance trailers are a complete surveillance solution equipped with cellular data connectivity and solar powered battery backups for areas without internet and utilities. Its extreme portability means it is perfect for use on oil & gas wells, construction sites, industrial facilities, and any other remote location you can think of.

Our CCTV cameras provide live monitoring, and include high definition infrared cameras capable of capturing crystal clear images at night, as well as a 360º PTZ camera. Our `Lightfinder` security cameras are specifically designed to outperform the competition in low light environments. Our units are capable of either wirelessly transmitting footage to the cloud to be viewed remotely or storing the data on a local drive to be viewed later.

Using our app, you can view your surveillance system feed from anywhere you have an internet connection!

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